Stone for Good Pregnancy
(Shiva Lingam)

In addition to purifying the household and adding vitality, the spiritual stone (Lingshi) has considerable influence on balancing yin and yang for those who want to have children. It can increase the chance of fertilization while enhancing the wisdom and fortune of the baby inside the mother’s belly for everlasting peace and auspiciousness.

Abdomen for Good Pregnancy

It is said that touching the abdomen of an expectant mother can pass luck onto another person who wishes to get pregnant. The “Abdomen for Good Pregnancy” displayed in our hospital has accompanied Doctor Lee for more than 20 years. It has converged the thoughts and expectations of more than ten thousand pregnant women, accumulating incredible aura and effect.

Egg for Good Pregnancy

The egg is the beginning of life. It breeds the hope and expectancy of the mother-to-be for her children, praying that the new life can grow smoothly and the child will be fearless and inherit courage.

Children and Maitreya Buddha for Good Pregnancy

Children for Good Pregnancy, numerous generations of descendants help and support one another to blaze their way forward through all the obstacles just like a mother who is willing to bear all kinds of hardship for her offspring. She has to endure the pain and discomfort, together with the change of physical shape for fulfilling merely a simple hope - the happiness of being with the children. The spirit is touching and admirable.

Baby Delivery Boat

The lunar deity is like a small boat
The moonlight shines brightly, quietly reflecting the light of hope
The miraculous hands of the doctors create a new era of the birth of life

Symbolizing…the eternal life cycle and permanent love of human
Luxuriance (Mao) - like the countless stars in the sky
Vigorousness (Cheng) - like the abundant flowers on the ground

The artist applies the ripple sculpting tool path and soil marks to interpret the struggling experience of rolling with the punches till finally the delight of welcoming the newborn infant, sailing together to a happy tomorrow.
Author: Lin Xiu-fen Sculptor: Li Ming-xian