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    Our genetic diagnostic laboratory for earning the TAF certification

    ★The first ISO15189 medical laboratory in Taiwan★
    Lee Women’s Hospital not only serves every patient cautiously, butalso researches continuously and strives actively for certification in the professional field.
    We hope to benefit more patients with infertility, and also hope that the world can see the superb medical technique of Taiwan!

  • About Lee Women's Hospital

    Lee Women’s Hospital affirmed by first Guinness world record

    Lee Women' s Hospital hosted the biennial Universal Expo of Test Tube Baby on November 3, 2019, and 5,000 families with test-tube baby attended the scene enthusiastically.
    Everyone put on hats of different colors and lined up with map of Taiwan the five continents of the world. In 2011, the hospital invited 1232 test-tube babies to gather to set the Guinness world record, and this time broke the Guinness world record again.

  • About Lee Women's Hospital

    Fourth-generation of IVF

    Lee Women’s Hospital launched the 4th generation of the IVF while the 3rd generation IVF is still popular in Asia!

    ⋙ What is the fourth-generation IVF?
    The so-called fourth-generation IVF is based on the “third-generation PGS (preimplantation genetic screening)”, combining with the valued up to million dollars “embryo image time-lapse monitoring system”“ and using the latest algorithm with the data base accumulated for more than of clinical experience ofinfertility to score individual embryos, select the best quality embryos for implantation, and finally increase the success rate to the highest!

  • About Lee Women's Hospital

    By the hands of God to help life better

    Adhering to the idea of “creating the miracle of artificial insemination and establishing a high-quality maternal and child care network”, Lee Women’s Hospital established the world-class reproductive medicine center with advanced medical personnel, technology and equipment. The Center was accredited by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a “excellent test-tube baby center”.

  • Congratulations to us

  • Medical Miracle in Taiwan

  • You Have to Know

  • Introduction of the Center

Honors and Glory

In order to provide professional services, the Center spent tens of dollars to purchase international novel instruments, such as dust-free sterile rooms, embryo incubators, etc.
Provide customers with the most professional, increase the preferred rate of services, multi-party data reference more trustworthy.

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Based on 35 years of extensive clinical experience, combined with reproductive medicine technology that exceeds world standards, it is based on the individual needs of patients
Provide tailor-made, humane, high-quality infertility medical services

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