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Genetic Laboratory

Lee Women’s Hospital is a medical institution that focuses on the care of women, infants, and young children, as well as the cultivation of healthy offspring. "Genetics" is a very important aspect of this, and therefore, our laboratory aims to be a strong support for the reproductive genetics testing and counseling services in the Department of Fertility at Lee Women’s Hospital. Genetics is the transmission of our health status and characteristics down through generations via chromosomes. Therefore, the number and structure of chromosomes affect the development, physical constitution, and characteristics of our offspring. Testing the karyotype of chromosomes has become an important part of genetic diagnosis in reproductive, especially in cases of infertility. The Chromosome Genetic Laboratory mainly focuses on testing the karyotype of chromosomes. The laboratory tests the blood karyotype of infertile couples, egg and sperm donors, and children, as well as the karyotype of prenatal amniotic fluid or chorionic villus samples. Our laboratory provides valuable reference points for genetic diagnosis and counseling in the Department of Fertility.Chromosomal Genetic Laboratory group photo

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