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Anesthesia Team

The Lee Women's Hospital Anesthesia Team, led by Dr. Liao Shin-Ming, is responsible for the anesthesia procedures of hundreds of surgeries every month.
Anesthesia Team - Lee Women's Hospital
Before patients enter the operating room, the Anesthesia Team has many preparations to make, including pre-operative anesthesia assessments, developing anesthesia plans, inquiring about patient drug allergies, categorizing anesthesia risk levels, understanding patient needs, and finally devising the most suitable anesthesia plan. During surgery, they conduct anesthesia monitoring, pain management, and post-operative anesthesia follow-up and care. At Lee Women's Hospital, the entire procedure is referred to as "Fine-Tuning".
Every surgery at Lee Women's Hospital is required to have at least one anesthesiologist present to protect the patient's rights and safety.
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