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Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory

The Secret Base for Decoding the Code of Life

The Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory of Lee Women's Hospital was established for conducting fundamental and clinical research in the field of reproductive medicine, as well as developing precise testing technologies related to reproductive medicine. Currently, the laboratory has a team of 10 colleagues, including 2 Ph.D. holders, 6 master's degree holders, and 2 bachelor's degree holders. All colleagues have been deeply involved in the research field of biomedical sciences for a long time, with a strong sense of mission for reproductive medicine.

To provide international-level quality results of Preimplantation Genetic Testing, the laboratory has established a laboratory quality management system in accordance with ISO 15189 international standards to achieve quality assurance and meet customer requirements. In 2019, the laboratory was awarded a certificate of qualification by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation, representing the recognition of the laboratory's testing level and operational technology.
Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory
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