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W.S.T. Technologies

Lee Women's Hospital's W.S.T. technologies are the key to creating a reassuring treatment process, with standardized procedures and dual protection of embryos through computer and manual safeguards.

Witness Electronic Verification System

"Even eggs and sperm have their own identity cards!" Each related container, from egg retrieval, sperm collection, to implantation, is equipped with dedicated chips that record the basic information of the couple undergoing the procedure and the progress of their treatment. By dual verification through the chips and wristbands, the identity of the embryos and the mother is confirmed before implantation.

Spindle View Technology

As age increases, the probability of spindle displacement also increases. During intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), the spindle view technology cleverly avoids the spindle to prevent damage to the chromosomes on the spindle during sperm injection and successfully achieve fertilization.

Time-lapse Embryo Imaging Monitoring System

"The million-dollar mansion for embryos, equipped with 24/7 high-precision monitoring." Unlike traditional incubators, the time-lapse embryo culture system provides exclusive photography services 24 hours a day, capturing images every 10 minutes, with 11 images per capture. This system allows continuous monitoring of the development of embryos, recording the complete process of embryo growth, creating a six-star cultivation environment!
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