Success Story


10 Years of Infertility Overcome with Immunology

IVF Case with Reproductive Immunology

Mrs. Lin, fighting back tears as she recalled the words of Dr. Pin-Yao Lin, said, "Your anxiety and your tears, only on the day you succeed, will you find solace." With the help of her words, she was able to finally face and get over her long-standing worry about trying to get pregnant.

In actuality, the Lins had wanted to have children since they were only 28 years old. However, they had difficulty getting pregnant and had previously undergone three unsuccessful IVF procedures without identifying any obvious causes. They ultimately decided to consult with Dr. Pin-Yao Lin after seeking advice from several friends. According to Mrs. Lin's recollection, "After seeing Dr. Lin, we finally identified the reason for our infertility, which turned out to be connected to immunological issues. We could now directly address the issue."

Mrs. Lin underwent a hysteroscopy that Dr. Lin arranged, and it revealed polyps in the uterus as well as inflammation. "In 80% of cases, patients improve with antibiotics, but the Lins fell into the 20% where antibiotics didn't help, indicating an abnormal immune condition."

Mrs. Lin expressed her sincere gratitude for Dr. Lin's meticulous examinations. "Normally, doctors wouldn't perform any additional exams after a patient has taken antibiotics. However, when she examined us again, Dr. Lin discovered that the uterine inflammation had not subsided, necessitating the use of alternative treatment modalities to deal with the inflammation."

Dr. Lin examined and graded the embryos after successfully treating the Lin couple's immunological problems. For Mrs. Lin's implantation, they ultimately decided on an excellent-quality embryo with a grade of 6+13 and normal chromosomal content, which led to a successful pregnancy on the first try. The couple recalls the event with affection, "We couldn't help but take an early test before the official examination day arrived. We could see faint lines, but we were concerned that they might vanish without warning. Therefore, until the official blood test scheduled by the doctor, which finally gave us peace of mind, we tested ourselves every day."

Dr. Lin added that this particular case had a profound effect on hers. The husband in this case was a great teammate. He played a role that was positive despite previous unsuccessful implantations and urged his wife to keep trying.

The Lin couple stressed that, "in addition to following medical advice, their own efforts played a crucial role in their successful journey to conception. In addition to acting on the doctor's advice, our own efforts were crucial. We worked out consistently for seven months in an effort to get pregnant. We adhered to a disciplined diet, strictly followed a low-carb and Mediterranean diet, abstained from sugary drinks, and only drank water. We kept the 10 o'clock bedtime. Now that we are trying for a second child, we keep up these disciplined and healthy routines. Always maintain a cheerful and upbeat attitude as a couple as there will inevitably be low points."
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