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Successful Pregnancy on for a 38-Year-Old Infertile Couple

38-year-old Xiao Ling, a resident of Hengchun, Pingtung, had been married for five years without receiving any pregnancy-related news. When they first visited a local hospital for fertility evaluations, they found that Xiao Ling had endometriomas. Following surgery to resolve this matter, they made the decision to have IVF done locally. Xiao Ling had two IVF cycles and collected eleven eggs, but neither attempt was successful in getting her pregnant.

After that, Xiao Ling and her husband made the long trip to Lee Women's Hospital in Taichung to consult with Dr. Tzu-Ning Yu.

Dr. Yu had a serious conversation regarding the couple's next course of treatment. Three blastocysts were obtained after they started one IVF cycle. Dr. Yu suggested pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) for the embryos because of Xiao Ling's advanced maternal age. According to the findings, three embryos were examined: one was abnormal, one was normal, and one was mosaic.

When Xiao Ling saw the test results, she became concerned that there might be another failed implantation since the embryo quality was not as good as she had hoped. Dr. Yu assisted in Xiao Ling's preparation and planned the precise moment for the implantation of the normal and mosaic embryos. Xiao Ling achieved a successful pregnancy, and both embryos were implanted.

There were some uncertainties, though, in the early stages of pregnancy. The embryo with normal chromosomes was heartless by the ninth week. Sorrowfully, Xiao Ling questioned Dr. Yu, "Is there something I did wrong? How come the normal embryo couldn't develop while the mosaic embryo lived?"

Dr. Yu explained, "A normal embryo does not guarantee a 100% chance of pregnancy and a live birth, even with pre-implantation genetic testing." Following PGT-A testing, the average pregnancy rate for embryos is roughly 70%. Reproductive medicine is still a field with many unanswered questions."

With only one embryo remaining, Xiao Ling and her husband were even more cautious. Whenever they had concerns, they would return to Dr. Yu's clinic. Finally, they successfully delivered a healthy baby boy. 

"I prayed to the gods years ago, and the gods decreed that I would never have children in this lifetime. When I arrived at your clinic, you told me that we should do our best. If, despite our best efforts, we are unable to have a child, we will be content with our lives as a couple. We overcame many obstacles as the treatment progressed and welcomed a healthy baby boy. Thank you, Dr. Yu, for looking after me throughout my pregnancy, which was filled with complications and continuous bleeding. I am extremely grateful for your assistance."
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