Overseas Patients

  • ● Process of Outpatient Registration for Overseas Patients
    1. Contact our international medical center. Registration Hotline:+886-4-22347057 #1352. 1358. 1324;email
    2. Receive enquiries. Our coordinators at the international medical center will proceed to procedure acceptance once they receive enquires by phone or email. They will inform patients about the required information and documents they need to prepare before travelling to Taiwan.
    3. Collect relevant documents. Our coordinators at the international medical center will start establishing your health record upon collecting the complete medical history and other required documents. It takes about 3 to 4 working days for them to discuss with doctors regarding the condition of the foreign patient, the likely medical expenses, the oncoming treatment plan, and the duration of treatment in Taiwan. (The patient may be asked to arrange a 3-day consultation trip in Taiwan for confirming further treatment due to his/her special condition.)
    4. Case acceptance
    5. Pre-registration. Make an appointment in advance. Notify the possible medical costs, treatment plan, and the duration of treatment in Taiwan.
    6. Accommodation and transportation.
    7. Arrival. Our coordinators from the international medical center will accompany the patients to their medical visits, ensuring that the foreigners can understand clearly during their treatments.
    8. Complete the entire course of treatment. Finish the treatment and return to their home country. Meanwhile, we will offer medical certificates as necessary.
    TEL: +886-4-22347057 #1352. 1358. 1324

    ● China Patients
    Please contact here ⋙ China patients Procedure
    1. How can a foreigner seek medical consultation at Lee Women’s Hospital?
      Please present the national health insurance IC card for making an appointment through the general outpatient service if the foreign patient has Taiwan insurance, or else please refer to our international medical center for information on international outpatient services offered. As for foreigners without a Taiwan passport but wish to pre-register for an outpatient consultation, please dial +886-4-22347057 #1352. 1358. 1324 or send email at to contact our international medical center.
    2. What is the difference between general outpatient services and international outpatient services?
      The international outpatient service is managed by coordinators at our international medical center. They provide all types of consulting services such as information of medical expenses, treatment procedure, registration arrangement, advanced therapeutic plan, accommodation, transportation, travelling tours, and so on. An English service that assists foreigners with understanding the medical environment and procedure in Taiwan is also available throughout the entire process. It is a very convenient and efficient service suitable for foreigners and overseas Chinese from abroad on a special-purpose trip.
    3. What kind of identification is required at the international outpatient service?
      Overseas Chinese from abroad whose spouse is not Taiwanese and outlanders holding a foreign passport and without national health insurance in Taiwan can register directly through the international outpatient service.
    4. How can I make a pre-registration through the international outpatient service?
      Registration Hotline +886-4-22347057 #1352. 1358. 1324 or contact our international medical center via email at
    5. How can a foreign patient receive international outpatient services at Lee Women's Hospital?
      You may reach us by calling +886-4-22347057 #1352. 1358. 1324 or send us an email at Our staff at the international medical center will try to understand your personal needs and medical history, which they will use when making an assessment of the duration of your treatment and possible medical costs while assisting you with traveling arrangements to Taiwan and other relatedmatters.
    6. What is the standard charge of the international outpatient service?
      Registration fee NT$150
      Administrative service fee NT$10,000 (outlanders from China, the Philippines, American and European countries)
      Administrative service fee NT$2,000 (outlanders from Hong Kong and Macau).
      The fee for inspection, examination, treatment and medicine will be charged separately.
    7. How can a patient from China apply for his/her medical treatment visa?We Chat 微信小助手
      Patients from China can get in contact with our international medical center. Registration Hotline: +886-4-22347057 # 1321 or  join us on WeChat. Our coordinator will contact you and assist in organizing your trip to Taiwan for treatment.
    8. What kind of payment methods does the international outpatient service accept?
      Other than paying by cash, patients can also choose to remit the medical expenses to the US$ or NT$ account provided by our hospital and present the cash remittance notice later for auditing.