International Patients Services: Procedure, Appointment and FAQ

  • With an increasing number of individuals from Hong Kong, Macau, China, Japan, the Philippines, and other overseas locations visiting Taiwan's reproductive centers, Lee Women's Hospital (LWH) has specifically outlined Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the reception and care of international patients. These guidelines facilitate the understanding of the entire process, including visa requirements and relevant procedures.

    Procedure for International Patient

      Procedure Detailed Information
    1 Contact our International Affairs dept. Contact our international coordinator to schedule an appointment and receive assistance in completing the initial medical record.
    2 Prepare required documents for entry into Taiwan Due to varying entry requirements for each country, please refer to the official announcements of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in your respective region. If eligible for Visa-Exempt Entry, please pay attention to the designated duration of stay.
    3 Visit Lee Women's Hospital During your visit to our hospital, an international coordinator will accompany you throughout the entire medical process.
    *Egg donation treatment: Before traveling to Taiwan, it is necessary to verify the marriage certificate at the local Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.

    Recommended Visits to Taiwan for Various Treatment:
    Treatment Recommended Visits
    IVF 2
    4th generation IVF 3
    Egg/Sperm Donation 2-3
    Egg Freezing 2

    Treatment info:
    IVF | Egg Donation | Egg Freezing

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  • FAQ: International Patient

    How can international patients seek medical treatment at Lee Women's Hospital?

    Foreign patients with Taiwan national health insurance can register at the general outpatient department using their health insurance ID. Those without Taiwan national health insurance can register through the International Affairs Department. For foreign patients holding non-Taiwanese passports who wish to make an appointment, please contact our International Affairs Department via email at

    What is the difference between the International Special Clinic and the general outpatient clinic?

    The International Special Clinic is managed by international coordinators and provides services such as medical visa application, pre-treatment cost consultation, guidance on the medical process, appointment scheduling, pre-arrival treatment planning, accommodation information, transportation information, and tourism information. Bilingual services are provided throughout the entire process, catering to foreign nationals and overseas Chinese who specifically travel from abroad for medical treatment at our hospital. This service aims to assist foreign nationals who are unfamiliar with the medical environment and procedures in Taiwan, providing convenient medical services.

    Who is eligible to use the International Special Clinic?

    Foreign nationals holding non-Taiwanese passports and without Taiwanese health insurance. 

    How can I make an appointment at the International Special Clinic?

    Reservation hotline: +886-4-22347057, extension 1324
    For patients from other countries:
    For patients from Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia:
    For patients from mainland China: WeChat ivftaiwan

    What payment methods are available for International Special services?

    Currently, credit card payment is not available. Cash payments in US dollars or Taiwanese dollars are preferred. You can bring US dollars when entering Taiwan or withdraw cash from ATMs in Taiwan (cross-border ATM service activation is required). Alternatively, patients can wire the medical fees to the provided US dollar or Taiwanese dollar account before coming to Taiwan and provide the remittance receipt for accounting purposes.

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