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Lee Women's Hospital helped over 500 Filipino couples to become parents

With over 32 years of clinical experience in reproductive medicine, Lee Women’s Hospital is an internationally prestigious reproductive medical center, and is the large number one in Taiwan in terms of test-tube babies it has produced in number. One more notable achievement is the center gathered in one place 1,232 test-tube babies born there, which has been recognized by Guinness World Record as the largest test-tube baby gathering.

Committed to continuous technological improvements, Lee Women’s Hospital has successfully applied a 3.5 generation IVF technology in treating infertility. The newer treatment option is conducted in the aid of a time lapse embryo imaging system coupled with AI, and has proved to be effective in significantly improving a pregnancy rate to 80 percent, mainly thanks to big data analysis accomplished by AI, which provides endocrinologists more effective observations on speed of reaction diffusion and other factors in embryogenesis.

In addition to IVF, Lee Women’s Hospital also excels in infertility evaluation and reproductive technologies. A striking example is that the reproductive medical center is one of the foremost which introduced the advanced sperm diagnostic tool HBA (hyaluronan binding assay) into evaluation of male infertility in Asia. To leave rivals behind, it has also applied ICSI(intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and detection of spindle birefringence in fertilization, with clinical trial results showing that a combination of the two technologies greatly raises a pregnancy rate to more than 85 percent while contributing to the improvement of embryo quality.

Through taking advantage of various state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies and unique reproductive techniques, Lee Women’s Hospital has helped countless women from all corners of the world walk out of the stress of infertility caused by different factors, and towards a brand new great life with birth of their own babies and children.

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