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Lee Mao Sheng's “Success in Life” Hundreds of Lee woman's children and grandsons invited Lord Li to celebrate Father's Day

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Professor Lee Mao Sheng, who holds the title of the stork grandpa, gave birth to many IVF babies every year. Therefore, a group of loyal fans has created the Lord Lee group and they keep in touch through social chat software. Today, they are finally going to host a group carnival. In just a few days, they have gathered nearly a hundred people to participate in this event called “The First Lee Woman's test-tube babies party in the name of Lord Lee”. They also invited Professor Lee Mao Sheng participated in their party together and celebrate Grandpa Lee’s Father's Day.

In their hearts, Professor Lee Mao Sheng is the lord, so they independently created the group in the name of the lord. There are different groups based on different topics, and the people in the group do not even know each other. The only thing in common is that they went to Lee Women’s Hospital for treating the infertility. The hosts are not only the well-known bloggers but the wife of a fire squad leader, and they’vegathered nearly a hundred group members in different counties and cities in just a few days after the event was launched.

In the beginning, the group wanted to create a chat room so that people with common goals and topics could share experiences and suggestions in thischat room and encourage each other, why everyone has participated so enthusiastically is because they want to not only share the tough experience of having a child, some members even had children for many years, but also to see Lord Lee during this event. Therefore, we specially invited Professor Lee Mao Sheng to participate in this event. Although it was not held on Father's Day, but we still want to celebrate Father's Day for him and express our gratitude!!

After knowing this event, Lee Mao Sheng not only thanked them for their support, but also said that the event meals and venue costs were fully sponsored by Lee Women’s Hospital to express gratitude to the participants and support them to continue helping more people in the same situation, so that many patients with infertility can get more support and comfort at the psychological and emotional level.

In addition, there are many families who hadsucceed in IVF treatments at Lee Women’s Hospital having further services from the post-natal checkup, delivery, to even post-natal care to be completed at Lee Women’s Hospital. They have become a complete one-stop service, so they also invited Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Chen Yanyu came to participate in the events, some of the members will also seek Lord Lee’s help to not only givethe next two or three births, but also to enjoy this one-stop service professional and convenient.