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IVF Babies Reunited to the International Meeting to Meet Hundreds of Families

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The Lee Women’s Hospital in Taichung went to the Philippines to participate in the exhibition, hoping to use Taiwan's professional medical technology to promote national diplomacy and allow more Filipinos to enjoy Taiwan's most advanced medical technology.

Lee Women’s Hospital pointed out that Taiwan's infertility treatment and IVF technology are ahead of the world, and the pregnancy rate is the second in the world. In the past 30 years, there have been about 700 pairs infertile couples who came to the Lee Women’s Hospital Reproductive Center in Taiwan from the Philippines. During this period, we have successfully helped pairs of 400 Filipino couples get pregnant and gave birth to more than 500 test-tube babies.

According to statistics, in the past 30 years from 1986 to the present, 700 pairs of couples who came to Taiwan for treatment wereFilipinos, 268 of them gave birth to twins, 97 gave birth to twins, 12 gave birth to triplets, and 1 gave birth to quadruplets. More than 500 test-tube babies were born. Among them, the proportion of male infants accounted for about 50.4% (253) and the female infants accounted for about 49.6% (249).

Lee Women’s Hospital Reproductive Medicine Center said that the hospital has the best IVF technology and equipment, especially the cost are only half of Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. It only takes 2.5 hours to fly to Taiwan from the Philippines, which is very convenient; In addition, the two countries are close in culture and lifestyle, the law and order are more stable than other Southeast Asian countries, so they have become the first choice for Philippine infertility couples.

The Lee Women’s Hospital Reproductive Medicine Center, in addition to attending exhibitions in Manila, Philippines, we also hosted an international reunion on IVF. Hundreds of IVF born in Lee Women’s Hospital met each other from across the Philippines. Among them was Maybelyn, a former movie star and the current chairman of the Philippine parliament also attended to the reunion, andthe scene was warm and lively.