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38-year-old woman has difficulty conceiving due to premature ovarian failure and becomes pregnant once after applying spindle positioning

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In Miaoli, 38-year-old Mrs. Jiang is a modern woman who loves herself. She loved her, her husband, and Hermès brand bags in her earlier marriages. However, after giving birth to her son this month, her life philosophy changed greatly. Today herself and her husband and son attended the press conference the hospital prepared for them, cakes and happy birthday song were also prepared for their coming, she could finally said happily :“Now you exchange 9 Hermesbags for my son, I will refuse!” after her first taste of the joy of motherhood.

Mrs. Jiang and her husband have been married for 6 years and have been unable to conceive. They did not care at first, it was not until last year her husband said that he wanted a child, and the two began to work hard to get pregnant, unexpectedly, Jiang found that her index of estrogen and other factors were close to menopause which is commonly known as “premature ovarian failure”. Originally, they wanted to freeze the eggs and get pregnant at the time they are ready, but the doctor found that the situation was endangered and recommended to perform artificial pregnancy directly accompanied with the latest “spindle positioning” technology to accurately perform sperm microinjection. Fortunately, only two eggs were taken out and only one of them was fertilized, the process of fertilizing an egg at a time was successful, 2680 grams baby boy were successfully born on the 8th of this month after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Lin Bing Yao, director of the infertility department of Lee Women’s Hospital, pointed out that they found Ms. Jiang's the anti-Muller tube hormone (AMH) was 0.6 and normal should be 3.5; the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) was 16, and normal value should be <10 at the time she came to our hospital last year.If the FSH value is over 25 means it's close to menopause and she won't able to get pregnant again, we assess that although Mrs. Jiang's is under 40s, her ovaries functions is close to menopausal women's ovaries’ function, that is, “premature ovarian failure” with extremely low egg storage.

Lin Bing Yao said that the proportion of the spindle deviation angle over 15 degrees in women over 38 years old was as high as 45.2%, and there were even cases of deviation angle is up to 120 degrees. “The larger the spindle deviation angle, the lower the fertilization rate, and the chance of successful live birth will even be less than 10%. However, with the latest spindle positioning technology utilized by our hospital, the live birth rate can be increased to 2 to 3 times, even reaching 20% to 30%, it is a great gospel for women in advanced maternal age or women with premature ovarian failure! “

Director of Lee Women’s Hospital, Mr. Lee Mao Sheng said that the incidence of premature ovarian failure in women under 30 years old is about 1%, and it is generally believed to be related to genetics or acquired diet. In recent years, the outpatients have found that patients with such problem are getting younger and younger, there are even up to 2 to 3 people come to our hospital for treatment every week, the probability of clinical premature aging has reached as high as 10%, and we have published a case in which we hope to use the invention and investment of this technology to improve the fertility conditions of women with premature aging and help them complete their wishes to become a mother.