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Outpatient Information

Registration method and schedule
  • On-site registration:
    。On-site registration is required for first timevisits
    。Every physician should set an on-site quota, which shall depend on the department and the conditions of the patients
    。Patients should bring the identity card and the health ID card on the date of the visit and register to the department they are going to visit
    。Only Cash
  • Telephone Appointment System:+886-4-2234-7057
  • Foreigner please contact International Affairs
  • Registration Time:
    。Please register at the registration and cashier on the first floor at each shift and register sequentially until the quota is full
    。Infertility OPD service time:servicetime

Parking information

Traffic Route:Information

Injection Time
Week Service Time Room
Monday~Friday 07:30~13:00 Injection Room
22:00~07:30 5 floor
Saturday 07:30~13:00 Injection Room
14:30~17:30 Room 1
18:30~21:00 Injection Room
22:00~07:30 5 floor
Sunday&Holiday 09:00~15:00 5 floor

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