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Outpatient Information

Registration method and schedule (Foreigner please contact International Affairs)
  • On-site registration:
    On-site registration is required for first time visits
    。Every physician should set an on-site quota, which shall depend on the department and the conditions of the patients
    。Cash Only
  • Telephone Appointment System:+886-4-2234-7057 #1100
  • Registration Time:
    。Please register at the registration and cashier on the first floor at each shift and register sequentially until the quota is full
    Infertility OPD service time
  • Final report time:
    。Please report to the clinic room after registration before the final report time:
    。AM: before 11:30
    。PM: before 16:30
    。EVE: before 21:00

Parking information

Traffic Route:Information

Injection Time
Week Service Time Room
Monday~Friday 08:00~Off hour Injection Room
19:00~Off hour
Off hour~07:30 5th Floor
Saturday 08:00~Off hour Injection Room
14:30~17:30 Injection Room
18:30~21:00 Injection Room
22:00~07:30 5th Floor
Sunday&Holiday 09:00~15:00 5th Floor

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