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Three children lost after Aug 8th crisis, brave mother said “bringing children back”, now there are twins almost 3 years old

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Ten years ago, the Morakot disaster, also called Aug 8th crisis had buied the Xiaolin Village in Jiaxian, Kaohsiung by the landslide. The residents of the village, Chen Zhenrong and Zheng Xiuzhen, lost their mother and three children in the disaster. The couple then decided to “reproduce”, and Zheng Xiuzhen experienced 6 failed pregnancy and endured the pain of toxemia, finally giving birth to twin sons Chen Qingjun and Chen Qingwang. Today, the twin brothers are 2 years and 10 months old, and a family of 4 accepts the invitation of Taichung Obstetrician and Gynecologist Lee Mao Sheng,which wasaccompanied with more than 10 villagers in Xiaolin Village to cut the cake to celebrate Father's Day. Chen Zhenrong said that thanks to Le Mao Sheng for the assistance, he was able to return to the Lee Women’s Hospital in Taichung today to celebrate Father's Day and the birth of the two twins, giving himthe purpose in life again, having more courage to live, and raising his childrenmore ambitious.


The Morakatdisaster killed at least 681 people across Taiwan and 18 people were missing. The agricultural damage exceeded NTD20 billion. Kaohsiung Xiaolin Village in Kaohsiung was buried and destroyed by a landslide. Chen Zhenrong's mother, 15-year-old son, 14-year-old son, and 10-year-old daughter were also killed in the storm.

Lee Mao Sheng mentioned those 2 years ago, Zheng Xiuzhen experienced 6 pregnant failures and was referred to him by documentary director Luo Xingjie. Lee generously promised to sponsor Mrs. Chen for IVF treatment in full charity. At that time, Mrs. Chen’s fallopian tubes were cut off and her eggs are aging because of her age at 42, the pregnancy rate is less than 20%. Through the third-generation IVF technology, Zheng Xiuzhen collected eggs for 5 times and cultivated 17 blastocysts, genetically screened the embryos before implantation to select 3 excellent qualities embryos, two of them were implanted, which give birth to twins as expected. The hospital also kept a frozen embryo and had a chance to give birth to a third child.

Chen Zhenrong said that he thanked Lee Mao Sheng for his assistance in allowing him to return to Lee Women’s Hospital in Taichung to celebrate Father's Day today. He was originally depressed and suffered from colorectal cancer just after the Crisis. He had no purpose in life. But in the past two years, the couple took care of the twins wholeheartedly, watching the sons growing up healthy, letting him feel the hope and joy brought by the new life again. The three deceased children, the oldest have a stable personality while the second is energetic, and they are all boys. It happens that the twins are also older is stable, and the younger is energetic, which is a bit similar. Do we want to have a third child? I respect my wife's thoughts.

Zheng Xiuzhen said that her husband was not recuperating due to colon cancer, but she thanked Lee Mao Sheng for her help and made her feel more hopeful. The pain she had suffered for IVF in the past was worth it.

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