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Gather 1232 IVFs and break the Guinness World Record

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A total of 1232 test-tube baby all over Taiwan reunited today, breaking the 2007Guinness World Record of 1180 test-tube baby reunions in Vienna.
1,232 test-tube babies all over Taiwan gathered in the square of Taichung Tiger city yesterday, excitedly arranging patterns of Taiwan. The number the test-tube babies have also broken the 2007 Guinness World Record of the 1,180 test-tube baby reunion in Vienna.
  • Seize the critical conception period and then enhance the fertility rate
The Infertility Foundation holds a test-tube baby reunion every four years. This year, the DPP Vice President Candidate Mr. Su Jia-chyuan and Mayor of Taichung City Mr. Tsai Ping-kun were inveted to witness the reunion of the 1232 test-tubes babies.

The chairman of the foundation,who has assisted seven or eight thousand pairs of infertile parents Mr. Lee Mao Sheng, said that there are 200,000 to 300,000 pairs of parents in Taiwan are suffering from infertility, in other words, one in every six to seven pairs of couples has infertility issues. Lee called for women should marry and give birth as early as possible. At the age before 35 is a critical conception period, only 4 embryos could be formed in every ten eggs while the rest will be eliminated. When it comes to the 40s, only two eggs can be fertilized, which greatly reduces the fertilized rate.

Tsai Ping-kun said that there are more than 2,500 test-tube babies were born every year in Taiwan after the first test-tube baby was born in 1985. So far, there are 50,000 test-tube babies have been born.

Among the test-tube babies that “came home” yesterday was the “oldest” twenty-four-year-old Chen Yingjie and the youngest girl, Hong, who was only two or three months old.

Both Mr. Shen Yong Xiang and his wife had spinal cord injuries. Mrs. Shen had always wanted to have a child during their eight-year marriage.For the reason of that, Dr. Lee Mao Sheng used electric shock to stimulate the scrotum in order to obtain semen and they got pregnant in the first attempt, during the pregnancy, Mr.s Shen’s rose to more than 200 mmHg, but she still bravely gave birth to her daughter.

Mr. Hong Rui Peng and his wife had not been pregnant for six years of marriage.As the kids-lover, they decided to use IVF to have a child, but they failed four times and finally succeed at the fifth time to have the firstborn, who is a baby boy, being born prematurely on week 30 and weighed only 1,450 grams, but he has grown into a healthy little boy now. Mrs. Hong tried it once again and gave birth to a little girl by artificial conception to be the youngest in the reunion.


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