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She got married at the age of 39 and gave birth to her baby after 4 IVF operations

The age of women in Taiwan to have the firstborn falls between 30 to 39 years old, accounting for up to 54% of the pregnant population. This phenomenon of late marriage and delayed childbirth has become very common. However, doctors remind that the higher the age, the success rate of natural birth or artificial reproduction will be much lower. Miss Chu, who was not married until the age of 39, finally gave birth to a girl after 4 artificial fertilizations and tortured for 1.5 years.

Mrs. Chu got married at the age of 39 and tried to get pregnant with her husband for more than a year but without any “good news” in the end. After an artificial insemination and 4 IVFs, she finally gave birth to her daughter; she said thatshe failed at the first IVF because of the instable embryo even she had successful insemination, which made herunborn child disappear instantly and made Mrs. Chufell from heaven to hell. The following two attempts did not even fertilize, and it was not until the fourth time that she finally gave birth successfully. The torture of the mind during this whole time is more uncomfortable than the pain of the flesh.

Lee Mao Sheng, a former director of Taiwanese society for reproductive medicine, pointed out that the child-bearing age plays an important role whether it is natural or artificial conception. Generally speaking, the age of 35 and 40 are the two major warning ages. In Taiwan, the average age to have first marriage for men and women was 32 and 29.7 respectively in 2013, then we’ve analyzed the fertility situation as described below: The first pregnancy between 30 and 34 years old accounted for 40.4% of the total pregnant population, and 35 to 39 years old accounted for 13.5 %, this trend of delayed childbirth becomes more obvious in recent years, the HPA's Artificial Reproductive Data shows that in 2013, mothers over 35 years old accounted for 57.8% among those people who received artificial reproductive treatment.

Lee analyzed that the conception rate for women under 35 is about 50-60%, and drops to 20% at age of 35, moreover, the conception rate at age of 40is even half of the rate at 35; there is only desperate 5% left at age of 43, and only 1% left at the age of 45; Lee recommended that it is more appropriate to have normal spontaneous delivery before the age of 35, and artificial reproduction is not recommended to be performed at age over 38.

If artificial reproduction is the only way to have child, Liu Zhi Hong, director of the Taiwanese society for reproductive medicine, pointed out that according to “Treatment and Strategy for Pregnancy and Age”, women can try artificial insemination for 3 times before the age of 37, and IVF is recommended if the treatments above failed. At the age from 38 to 42,“The finale of pregnancy”,it is recommended to be performingartificial insemination before entering IVF treatment, or directly perform the IVF treatment so timing of successful pregnancy won’t be delayed. In the case of women over 42 years old, it is recommended to go straight to the IVF treatment and try it out.

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