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A clinical study of pre-implantation genetic diagnosisvia gene chip for advance age infertile women by Lee Women’s medical team

In order to reduce the possibility of embryos with abnormal chromosomes being implanted during IVF treatment, "preimplantation chromosome screening" has been developed in recent years.

This technology uses gene chip for analysis, mainly the chromosome copy analysis before the embryo is transferred into the uterus. Lee Women’ Hospital in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Society in 2016,the results of preimplantation gene chip chromosome screening for embryos during IVF treatment. We compared the results obtained from infertile women older than 38 and other reason (habitual abortion, male infertility, etc.) versus those receiving egg donation.

According to the clinical results, the pregnancy rate and implantation rate were about 60-70% and 50%, respectively in each group after IVF treatment and preimplantation embryo chromosome screening. There is no significant difference among groups, indicating that this technology can improve the pregnancy and implantation rates of advance infertile women and other infertile groups.