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Incompatible sperm and egg! IVF treatment makes your dream come true

A couple has been married for 4 years, but they are unable to conceive. After detailed inspections, we found that their sperms and eggs were incompatible, which resulted in the inability to conceive.

After consideration, we decided to perform the IVF treatment for the couple. In the end, where there is a will, there is a way. The couple successfully got pregnant and have a lovely baby girl. Their daughter is two years old by now!

Look! The girl baby’s little hands are cute. The couple wrote a thank you card to our medical team in particular: "Thank you, Dr. Lee, your wonderful treatment let us have such a cute daughter with us!"

⋙ What is incompatible sperm and egg

Clinically, the probability of incompatible sperm and egg is less than 2%!
The so-called incompatible sperm and egg is a rare condition. Generally, it is immune infertility.
Anti-sperm antibodies refer to sperm as a foreign object by either wise or husband, causing an antibody response in the body to produce antibodies against sperm.

Anti-sperm antibodies often cause infertility when they appear in the reproductive tract, such as the cervix, e.g. the sperm's head, tail, and semen. When the doctor diagnoses that the sperm eggs are incompatible, if you want to get pregnant successfully, you must do an artificial pregnancy and an IVF treatment.