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《 Netizens Questions 》Can I ... after embryo implantation?

Answering Questions After Embryo Implantation

Mrs. A:
Consult a doctor: I suffered from transparent watery discharges several times a day after embryo implantation. However, I detected a positive pregnant test 2 weeks later, is it normal that watery discharge gone away after pregnancy?

Since there is continuous use of the drug after embryo implantation, more discharges are normal. Don't worry about it!


Mrs. B:
I want to ask if I suffered yellow-green discharges of the vagina with a feeling of little bit itching two days after stuffing Crinone progesterone gel, will it infect the uterus and affect embryo implantation?

If there is any discomfort after embryo implantation, please return to the hospital for evaluation by the doctor. Crinone will not affect embryo implantation. Don't worry!


Mrs. C:
Hello! doctor, can I eat banana after embryo implantation?

Yes, you can! A balanced diet is sufficient. But please do not eat coix seed, sesame oil, wine, and papaya. After embryo implantation, avoid to have sex and exercise, and do not be too tired. If necessary, you can take a day off and rest. It is most important to relax and work normally.


Mrs. D:
Hello! doctor: Yesterday, the second day after embryo implantation, I forgot to take one tablet of Duphaston at night. I recalled the memory this morning that I did not eat it. Will the lack of progesterone affect embryo implantation? Shall I want to make up for it? But I didn’t take Progesterone injection, I just ate Duphaston, squeezed Crinone progesterone gel, and stuffed Endometrin vaginal tablet. Will the lack of Progesterone affect embryo implantation?

If you think of it on that day, you can still take it, but if you forget to eat it on that day, you don't need to take it on the next day. It is recommended that you call our consultation phone if you have any question regarding medicines and issues with immediacy.(+886-4-22347057 #1157 or 1158)

Duphaston:Oral Progesterone
Crinone:Progesterone Gel
Endometrin:Progesterone Vaginal Tablet