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Answering Questions During Pregnancy

Mrs. A:
I am currently pregnant for 5 weeks. I suffered from bleeding last Sunday. The bleeding amount became less on this Monday, but it seems like black discharges due to Crinone. Are the discharges the residues and old bloods of Crinone? Will Crinone vaginal gel affect the fetus? Do I need to return clinic for a cleanup?

The discharges are the residues of Crinone, don't worry! If the gel flows out by itself, no special cleaning is needed!


Mrs. B:
I'm just pregnant but I am suffering from bleeding...
I received a Progesterone injection... But I still see a small amount of bleeding (not red but brown). Is this normal? What shall pregnant women eat more for better nutrition and to be less likely to have an abortion?


  1. You mentioned that there is a small amount of bleeding right after pregnancy (not red but brown), therefor, you are still required to go to the hospital to have a checkup, because there is a 15 ~ 30% chance of miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy.
  2. As long as a pregnant women have a balanced diet, eat more foods containing iron and calcium, stay relax, maintain moderate exercise and adequate sleep, they are the best ways to prevent abortion!

It is recommended that you call our consultation phone if you have any question regarding medicines and issues with immediacy.(+886-4-22347057 #1157 or 1158)


Mrs. C:
Hello, Professor Lee. I'm pregnant for about 5 weeks. But I suffer from bleeding recently (brown). Is this normal?
In addition, I would like to ask what week will the fetus to have heartbeats?? Is there still a high probability of miscarriage after having heartbeats?

The bleeding during early pregnancy may be implantation bleeding. It is recommended that you return to the hospital for consultation, take medicines and injections on time.
The vaginal ultrasound can detect fetal heartbeats at 6 or 7 weeks, the abdominal ultrasound can detect fetal heartbeats after 8 weeks.
It is recommended that you call our consultation phone if you have any question regarding medicines and issues with immediacy.(+886-4-22347057 #1157 or 1158)


Mrs. D:
Is it easy that the fetal heartbeats loss during early pregnancy, or it is possible to happen during all stages of pregnancy? What are the reasons of miscarriage?

1. Incidence of miscarriage

  • After embryo implantation:40-50%
  • After pregnancy:10-15%
  • After the ultrasound detects fetal heartbeats:Less than 2%

2. Causes of miscarriage: 

  • Fetal factors
  • Maternal factors:infections, chronic diseases, endocrine disorders, malnutrition, drugs, tobacco and alcohol, radiation, heavy metals, organic poisons, immune factors, elderly women, uterine abnormalities, etc
  • Unknown reason


Mrs. E:
At the 6th week of pregnancy, the fetus continues to grow up without the detection of heartbeats. I would like to ask if the fetus does not have heartbeats, will the pregnant woman suffer from morning sickness? What to do if the fetal heartbeats still cannot be detected? Does the use of abdominal ultrasound affect the fetus?


  1. At 6 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus can be observed without detecting the heartbeats. Some fetuses were detected to have heartbeats later until the 7th weeks.
  2. If the fetus does not have heartbeats, and the pregnant woman still suffers from morning sickness, it’s because of the exist of B-HCG in the mother.
  3. The use of abdominal ultrasound or vaginal ultrasound will not affect the fetus. Please return to birth checkup regularly so that the doctor can master the growth of the fetus and make the best improvements and suggestions!


Mrs. F:
My menstruation has been delayed. I went to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department to confirm if I get pregnant, but the ultrasound cannot detect it. Could it be an ectopic pregnancy? Isn't it possible to detect embryos right after pregnancy??

The ultrasound cannot detect embryo during early pregnancy, so please keep close follow-up.
To confirm an ectopic pregnancy can pay attention to abnormal abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, and you can use blood to test for chorionic hormones for doctors to evaluate.


Mrs. G:
I bought a kind of oral progesterone - "Remexin" because I am going to travel recently. I wanted to delay my menstruation and took six capsules, but I found out that I was pregnant by accident. May I ask if this kind of oral progesterone and follicular hormone mixed medicine will affect the fetus?

The therapeutic indications of " Remexin" include secondary amenorrhea, early pregnancy diagnosis of functional uterine bleeding, and the extension or shortening of the menstrual cycle. It has little effect on the fetus, but we cannot completely guaranteed the use of " Remexin" without any problem.


Mrs. H:
If the symptoms of pregnancy become apparent during the first trimester (5-6 weeks) (such as vomiting, drowsiness, bloating, chest pain, etc.), are the embryos developing normally?

Pregnancy symptoms are clinical manifestations. Regular monthly birth check-ups shall be done, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, because fetal development changes greatly during this period of time. Pay special attention!