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Team leader of Baby Room of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Lee Women’s Hospital, Jian Hui-Ying
After my baby goes home, I don't know if I can give my baby enough nutrition? Is her growth normal?

Newborn(1~30 days):
  • Development:After birth, there is a physiological weight loss, and birth weight is usually regained by the tenth day. After that, the weight will increase by about 40-50 grams per day.
  • Nutrition:Colostrum contains best nutrients for newborns. A mother’s breastmilk initially may be secreted in a small amount, and newborns may not suck well, but when they keep sucking which may increase milk secretion. If breast-feeding isn't possible, bottles should be sterilized and the breast milk-imitated formula should be chosen. The multiple vitamins could be supplied after 1~2 weeks (additional supplement is not necessary if nutritional intake in milk is sufficient).
reached 1 month:
  • Development:Weight gain is around 35 grams per day, those who increase fewer than 20 grams should pay attention whether the milk is insufficiently absorbed. The baby’s head circumference is usually larger than the chest circumference.
  • Nutrition:If your baby cries less than two hours after breastfeeding, the breast milk may be inefficient secretion. The supplements should be given after breast milk. Giving appropriate water between two feedings is allowed. It is easiest to vomit or spit-up in this period, and you need to pat the baby’s back to burp after breastfeeding.
reached month 2:
  • Development:Weight gain is around 25~30 grams per day. The growth of subcutaneous fats makes the baby looks stronger.
  • Nutrition:The frequency with regular time of breastfeeding is 5~6 times per day. If your baby often spits up, the consultation and treatment should be undertook to understand the problem.
reached month 3:
  • Development:The length gain is around ten centimeters. Weight gain is around 20 grams per day.
  • Nutrition:It is no longer need a middle-of-the-night feeding. Babies will begin playing while breastfeeding so that regular feeding time should be shortened as much as possible. Start to give a small amount (one teaspoon) of complementary foods by gradually increasing. Give your baby one new kind of food at each time for 4~7 days before adding another new food.
    ⋙ Non-staple Food Additions:
    1. Cereals such as rice flour or wheat flour
    2. Fruit juice and vegetable juice (must be diluted with the same amount of water without any seasoning).
reached month 4:
  • Development:If the circumference of chest is smaller than the head more than one centimeter, it may be malnutrition. Weight gain is less than around 20 grams per day. By 4~6 months babies weight twice their birth weights.
  • Nutrition:Breast milk secretion may be insufficient for daily milk consumption, additional formula can be feed. Babies are feed 4~5 times fruit juice and vegetable juice per day, then you may increase the amount gradually. The complementary food cannot be added to the staple food (milk) feeding.
reached month 5:
  • Development:Weight gain is around 10~15 grams per day. You have to consult the doctor about the progress of complementary foods while baby’s weight below the 20% percentile.
  • Nutrition:Different kinds of fresh mashed fruits and vegetables can be feed. Start new one with a small amount and gradually increase the amount, concentration and type.
reached month 6:
  • Development:Weight gain is around 10 grams per day. Body motions are more active.
  • Nutrition:Light flavor complementary food could be feed with mashed rice and wheat, yolk mud, fish, meat, liver mud and complementary foods. Malnutrition in infants can be prevented by feeding them enough nutritious and safe complementary foods.

reached month 7:
  • Development:Weight gain is around 10 grams per day. The two bottom front teeth are erupted. The months of age minus six is equal to the numbers of teeth.
  • Nutrition:Seven-month babies can be provided soft-solid foods, such as toast, fish mud, and tofu. The feeding stiffness of mashed potatoes or shredded foods is based on how easy the tongue to break.
Is there any specific data for a new mother to understand my baby’s growth?

After the baby is discharged from the hospital, you will be given a Children's Health Booklet to record of baby’s health and growth progress. Doctors will provide suggestions regarding your needs based on your baby’s regular health checks. We will also provide expert information to refer at home that helps your baby develop healthy.

▲Chart:Toddler Growth and Development