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Uterine polyp is the obstacle of pregnancy?

Uterine polyp and uterine myoma are the 2 main causes of infertility. Uterine polyps are mostly asymptomatic, patients can only found out by hysteroscopy after they have experienced infertility or recurrent miscarriage. 

How do these 2 kinds of uterine polyp cause infertility?
There are different kinds of uterine polyp depending on where it grows.
There are cases of polyps combined with PCOS, chronic endometritis or uterine myoma.
Pathological diagnosis is required through biopsy to confirm whether it is a polyp, and identify whether it is benign or malignant (chances for malignant is lower than 1%, and it's not related to the size of myoma) .

Below are the differences between 2 kinds of uterine polyp. 
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Endometrial Polyp:

Endometrial polyps grow in the uterine cavity and are abnormal proliferation of uterine cavity mucosal cells.
The reason is unknown, but it mainly occurs in women aged 30 to 60.
Women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome and endometritis are more likely to form polyps.
In addition, patients who have grown endometrial polyps often recur after treatment.
Endometrial polyps can be diagnosed by hysteroscopy or ultrasonography and require surgical treatment.

Cervical Polyp:

Cervical polyps are growths on the cervix.
The inflammation leads to excessive proliferation of cells.
It can be visible when it protrudes from the cervix.
Usually it is not single but multiple, and the size is usually less than 1cm. It can be treated by surgery.
Dr. Zhong-Yi Chen says the proportion of endometrial polyps in women at reproductive age is less than 10%, while that in infertile women is 20%.
If the polyp size is more than 1.5 cm or multiple, it will affect pregnancy.
Mainly because the endometrium is uneven, which affects the implantation of the embryo.
It is recommended to have uterine polyps removed before implantation. 

How was uterine polyp diagnosed?
Uterine polyps are mostly asymptomatic, but some patients will experience heavy menstrual blood, infertility, prolonged menstrual period, etc., , most of the rest will be found after examination.

Common uterine polyps examinations:

  • Ultrasonography: Ultrasound is used to initially observe whether there is any abnormality in the uterine cavity. If foreign bodies are found in the cavity, further examination is required.
  • Hysteroscope: The hysteroscope uses a thin catheter to enter the uterus, and the uterine cavity is inflated by 37°C fluid for examination

Can I still conceive naturally after uterine polyp removal?
According to research based on 2500 infertile patients, the chances of pregnancy has risen by 60% in 6 months after uterine polyp removal.
Dr. Chen has mentioned that ‘the endometrium will regenerate every other month or the next month after surgery, and generate a growth factor which will increase the pregnancy rate.’
He also added that surgery will cause damage to the endometrium, if you are having IVF treatment, remember not to implant in the month of surgery.

Common cure for uterine polyp:

  • Electrosurgery : The traditional polyp surgery is electrosurgery. This type of surgery depends on the clinical experience of the physician. 
  • TruClear™ hysteroscopic : TruClear™ hysteroscopic can remove uterine polyp precisely without damaging the endometrium. 
It is recommended to send the polyp for a pathological examination after removal to check whether it is malignant.

I still can’t get pregnant after uterine polyp removal, what should I do?
Uterine polyp could recur after treatment.
Women with family planning are advised to follow up regularly.
If it is not affected by polyps, it is recommended that both husband and wife should conduct a detailed infertility examination to rule out infertile factors and carry out relevant courses for a successful pregnancy. 
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