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8 Ways to keep your ovum healthy

The amount of ovum a female body can generate is limited. When all the ovum is released, females will starting going into menopause. Ovum aging is inevitable, and it will result in difficulties in pregnancy, increased miscarriage rate,  and higher chance of chromosomal abnormalities.

Will my ovum age even when I’m young?
The quality of ovum will be affected by age, environment, physique, diet and psychological healthiness. Young females could have  If you plan to have children, it is important to maintain the healthiness of your ovum. 
The quality of ovum has a great impact on the success rate of pregnancy, IUI and IVF treatments. Although the aging of ovaries is inevitable, there are still ways to keep your ovum healthy through daily habits. 

8 ways to keep your ovum healthy
It takes 3 months (around 90 days) to produce an ovum. 
The following 8 habits can help maintain the healthiness of your ovum:

1. Moderate exercise to maintain healthy blood circulation

Jogging, aerobic exercise and yoga are effective for raising the blood oxygen level. This is because nutrition could be distributed to different parts of the human body effectively and improve ovarian function. Vitamine D ingested through sunbathing could activate ovarian functions and accelerate ovum maturation.

2. Provide more nutrition for the ovum through supplements

Please seek medical advice before taking supplements.
- Vitamine D3
- Q10
- Inositol
- Folic acid

3. Avoid taking painkillers for long-term

Painkillers will inhibit the production of prostaglandins in the follicles and lead to difficulties in ovum maturation. 

4. Avoid high intensity radiation
5. Stay in good mood

Too much pressure might lead to ovarian malfunction or affect the maturity of the ovum. 

6. Avoid sexual intercourse during menstruation period

Having sex during menstruation period might stimulate the production of anti-sperm antibodies, meaning that the immune system of human body will attack sperm and lead to difficulties in fertility. 

7. Avoid staying up late

Inadequate sleeping or staying up late could affect hormone secretion and has a high chance of leading to malfunction  of the endocrine system and ovulation. Try massages, scented candles, writing a diary, or seeking medical help if you have insomnia.

8. Balanced diet

Seafood and tofu are good for supplementing estrogen. Red meat such as beef and lamb is also good for blood flow. But do not overindulge, balance is the key.  

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