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9 Ways to keep vaginitis away

Vaginitis is a common gynecological disease, it could happen at any age. Severe vaginitis could possibly lead to infertility. Viginal flora is an important factor affecting the development of embryos. 

Analysing vinigal flora
An Ideal vinigal flora needs more than 95% of probiotics. If there are bad bacterias or microbes in the flora, it might lead to recurring infection. The infection may spreads upwards to the cavum pelvis and endometrium and affect implantation of embryos. Luckily there are obvious symptoms for vaginitis. Please seek medical treatment if you have the following symptoms. 

Different kinds of vaginitis have different kinds of symptoms
  • Bacterial vaginosis: valvae itchiness, grayish-white and smelly viginal discharge
  • Vulvovaginal candidiasis:occasional itching and pain, white and thick viginal discharge
  • Trichomoniasis: strong itchy and pain, greenish-yellow and stink viginal discharge
The symptoms and signs of vaginitis are variable, please consult with your doctor. 

Preventions for vaginitis
Except for medical treatment, healthy habits could also help to lower the chances of vaginitis. 
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  • Healthy lifestyle: avoid stayed up late, release pressure
  • Ensure ventilation in vulvar : wear cotton underwear, reduce use of panty liner
  • Replenish probiotics: sugar free yogurt, probiotics supplements
  • Diet: avoid excessive sugar intake , drink more water
  • Using wet tissues after going to the toilet
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