Success Story


Donating blood helps save lives, Donating eggs and sperms helps create lives

A couple from Hong-Kong has been married for years and wanted to have their own baby so desperately.

However, she couldn’t get pregnant during the past few years.
After the examination, she found that she had fertility problem.
She had done 4 times of IVF therapy in Hong-Kong.
But, all ended up in failure.

They were so frustrated and almost wanted to give up.
One day, one of their friends told them that Taiwan has an IVF export.
So, they decided to give themselves another chance.
They came to Taiwan to start their IVF journey.

Dr. Lee used the newest Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) to select the normal embryos and implant them into the mom’s uterus.
Luckily, the mom got pregnant after the first implantation!

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