Success Story


They come from Philippine and finally got two babies in Taiwan.

Mrs. Hsu comes from Philippine, she is 30 years old.

The couple couldn't get pregnant in two years owing to the husband’s low density of sperms and sperm poor liquefaction function.

They underwent intrauterine insemination (IUI) in Philippine four times but end up failed to get pregnant.

After their friends’ introduction four years ago, they came to Lee Women’s Hospital. They got pregnant after the first implant, and they still have three frozen eggs stored in the hospital. Now the baby is a three-year-old cute little boy.

Base on the trust and the success rate in Lee Women’s Hospital, they came back again to get their second baby. They unfroze one of the frozen egg and they got pregnant again after implant!

Congratulations to this couple! Mrs. Hsu is very lucky. She got pregnant after implanted two weeks both in the first and second time.

Hopefully everyone can be like Mrs. Hsu and successfully got your own babies!

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