Success Story


Richie, 38-year-old, from Philippines shares her joy

Richie, 38 years old, from Philippines, was conditioning her body in order to be pregnant for 2 years. However, she wasn’t pregnant. She was worried about getting older and the quality of her eggs aging, pregnancy will be more difficult.

Heard of the Lee Women’s Hospital in Taiwan is the leading brand of infertility, she was here for help.
After treatment and oocyte retrieval, she was pregnant at the first attempt. In the summer of this year, she gave birth to a girl with watery eyes!

Richie specially wrote a letter to us and attached a photograph of the lovely daughter. Not only she shared the joy with Lee Women’s Hospital but also passed her happiness to the couples who also are in the progress of treatment. Because of belief and love, they finally embrace the children.

We are really very happy for them!

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