Success Story


Philippine parliament chairman takes baby back to home

#IVF baby reunion 

Maybelyn, as a chairman of Philippine Councilors League, searched for help from Lee Women’s Hospital to have a baby; as a result, she delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl at first quarter of year 2017. Then she brings her husband and daughter to come to Taichung visiting Dr. Lee Maw-Sheng to express her gratefulness. As a national policy advisor of presidential House, Dr. Lee Maw sheng gives her Taiwan president memorial tea as a special gift and symbolic of National Diplomacy based on professional progressive medical technology of Taiwan. 

Representatives of Ministry of foreign affairs and Taiwan external trade development council also come to Lee Women’s hospital to express their support and gratitude of us because of our support of New Southbound Policy. 

May God bless more friends like Maybelyn to have lovely and happy family!


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