Success Story


Based on true story!!

Very joyful news that wants to share with all of you!!
Based on true story!!

Mrs. Hong, coming from Philippines,
searched help from Lee Women’s Hospital’s
due to balance translocation, PCOs & immune problems which caused her experiencing 3 times miscarriages.

At first, whole family members were living in frustration
and wanted to give up~then she looked for egg donation because she underwent immune treatment, LIT,
but she still experienced miscarriage.

After that she was diagnosed as balance translocation case which hit her so much. Luckily she learned about us from one of her friends so that she started her journey of IVF treatment with PGS (pre-implantation genetic screen) &PGD (pre-genetic diagnose) plus IVIG treatment in our hospital in 2016.

After our professional treatment, she’s pregnant with only one cycle IVF protocol. In 2017, she delivered a healthy baby. Congratulation!!

Never give up a Chance to be a Mother

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