Success Story


Wait 11 years and you are not alone

Today I want to share a thought with all of you. In Taiwan, not just in Philippines, lots of couples are afraid to tell others that they are undergoing IVF protocol. Because for some people, it's hard for them to realize the hardship and suffering of these couples.

But I am not, because I work in the hospital every day. I totally understand infertility is just a condition, instead of a choice or sin.Every time I see the couple who encourages each other to try again,I will secretly pray for them, hope God will fulfill their dream.

The reason for couples to do ivf is so simple, just because of LOVE. It's not hard to understand and there's nothing to criticize. The most important is, we should use a healthier way to treat infertility.It doesn't matter who caused the condition of infertility.

You're husband and wife, right?
Do you forget you have sworn to love each other forever in front of the God? Please support each other, love each other, no matter what happened. And God will listen to your prayer and choose a best way for you.

God bless all of you, especially coupIes who are still fighting for having a new family. Good Luck~ Our staff will be your strong backing and support you till the end.

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