Success Story


13 years of marriage, flying thousands of miles, even hard work is worth it

Today's couple is from Baguio.They were waiting for 13 years to have their own child. The wife is 37 years old with PCOS, and after the recommendation of their ob doctor, they came to Lee Women's Hospital for fertility treatment. It's really a long way, they need to take bus for 7 hours to Manila, then took airplane to Taiwan.Thanks for believing in us, and we're so glad that it comes to be a happy ending.

I still remembered we happened to have a media interview on that day.Even they were tired, they were still so kind to share their story with us. And the most surprising thing is all of the couples who were interviewed by the media eventually got pregnant. No matter they're from China, Hong Kong, or Philippines.

It's really amazing! And may God bless you with lots of happiness now and always

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