Success Story


No matter how far it worth just to see your smile

Thanks for trusting us, and when we see the beautiful face of your baby, we know that our work is so meaningful. The parents of this baby married for 18 years, and they had their first child naturally but couldn't get pregnant after that. They lives in Baguio, so it took them 7 hours to come to Taiwan. We used to be there, so we know it's a long way. But they still insisted to seek help from Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee because they believed he is the best.

After initial check-up, we found out the husband had Azoospermia and the quality of sperm wasn't good. The wife had hydrosalpinx and had poor ovarian function. So first of all, we asked the husband to take medicine in order to improve the quality of the sperm. Then our doctor who is responsible for dealing with male infertility took out his sperm by surgery. As to the wife, she had her eggs be frozen first in order to wait for the sperm of high quality, but it didn't influence the pregnancy rate. They succeeded at their first try. Hope their story may encourage other couples.

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