Success Story


My nobleman, grandfather Dr. Li Maosheng

Today Taiwan's famous author came to Lee Women's Hospital to share her IVF experience with other couples who are preparing to become parents.

This author is 40 years old, and her husband is 46 years old. They married for 4 years but couldn't have their own baby.

After the recommendation of their friend, they came here to seek help from Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee. They failed for twice and finally succeeded at the third time.

Next month they are going to welcome their first baby boy. Let's prey for them and hope their story may encourage other couples. God has his plan, don't lose your faith and the outcome would be great.

Taiwan's famous auther Queen enjoys her first Mother's Day in Lee Women's Hospital. She is 40 years old, and her husband is 46 years old. They have married for 4 years but can't have their own child.

By the recommendation of her close friend, she came to seek help from Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee. After 4 times egg retrieval and 3 times embryo transfer, she finally got pregnant and gave birth to her first baby on May 4th, 2019.

She said, doing IVF is the bravest thing that she has ever done. She needs to endure the hardship of injection for hundreds of times, and try hard to keep herself from anxiety and worries.

Now the happiest moment for her is to see the sleeping face of her son, and wish her story may inspire more couples who are still trying. Never give up.

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