Success Story


15 years old of IVF teenage girl visits Dr. Lee

Today the lady brings her beautiful daughter to visit Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee. She couldn't get pregnant for 9 years and had underwent 2 failed IUI in Philippines, also had the problem of habitual miscarriage.

On the recommendation of her friend, she came to Lee Women's Hospital and sought help from Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee. Finally she had her first child who is 15 years old now, very smart and healthy.

Lee Women’s Hospital excels in infertility evaluation and reproductive technologies. A striking example is a woman who used to undergo failed IVF for 25 times, and she got pregnant at her first IVF protocol here with our cutting-edge technology called PGS (preimplantation genetic screening).

PGS can help elder women, or women who had failed IVF multiple times, or those who have habitual miscarriage. The average pregnant rate may raise from 50% to 80%.
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