Success Story


Congratulations to Miss Luo, 50 years old, for becoming a mother!

Another miracle happens today~
A 50-year-old lady who had underwent 30 times IVF in other hospitals in Hong Kong, Japan and Taipei but still couldn't become a mother. She almost spent every weekends in the hospitals for 10 years in a roll.

Someday there was a chance, she happened to see the news of Lee Women's Hospital, so she attended our consultation fair and decided to try one last time. After initial check-up by Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee, the doctor told that her case was very difficult but we could take challenge.

Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee used laser assisted hatching and detection of spindle birefringence to help her. Something unbelievable happens, she got pregnant after her first implantation.She cries in the arms of nurse, and we know she is really happy. Congratulations! We hope we will hear another good news very soon.
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