Success Story


From now on I believe in miracles

Do you believe in miracle? Today it really happens. A 40-year-old lady whose AMH is only 0.4(the normal is over 2). It's considered to be a sign of a low ovarian reserve, i.e. few remaining follicles.

She did the egg retrieval for 12 times. Every time she could only take out 1 or 2 eggs. But she didn't want to give up, because her desire to become a mother was so strong.

Her first embryo implantation was failed. Today is the day of pregnancy test for her second implantation. When she sees two lines on her pregnancy test stick, she can't help but start to cry. She has waited for this moment for a long time.

Hope this true story may give some strength to those who are still on the road. Please believe in yourself, your doctor, and the Almighty God, baby will come at the best time.
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