Success Story


Thank you, the gently Dr. Ping-Yao Lin

Today we got a thank you letter from a new parents.

It's said:
Thank you, Dr. Ping-Yao Lin. I can't express my gratitude by words because you mean so much to us. Thanks God for making me meet you. I still remember the first time we met, at that time my first IVF protocol was failed, I felt so depressed and frustrated.

You read my medical record and gave me direction for treatment gently. As to me, you're not just a doctor, you're also the psychological consultant. You helped me manage my fear and reduced my anxiety, and gave me hope and belief.

Finally the miracle happened and I'm a happy mother now. I hope more couples will be as lucky as me, so I decide to share my story and hope all of you will have your dreams come true one day.

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