Success Story


Taiwan's latest fourth-generation IVF technology

This couple are both in their fifties. They have married for 25 years but couldn't have their own child. In order to complete a family, they had underwent 8 failed IVF in other hospitals. When they were ready to give up, they happened to read the news about 4th generation IVF protocol. So they went to Lee Women's Hospital and we found out their infertility was caused by immune disorder.

The wife also had the problem of endometrial polyps and bicornuate uterus. We used 4th generation IVF protocol to help them choose the best embryos for implantation. This new reproductive technology combines PGS with time-lapse, and can significantly raise the pregnancy rate to 85%. Fortunately, the wife got pregnant on their first try. They were so excited with tears in their eyes. May God bless them with love, joy, and happiness.

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