Success Story


Mosaic embryos can give birth to healthy babies after we testing!

Today a lady bring her lovely daughter back to visit us. She used to suffer from infertility for 16 years and sought help from Dr. Lee when she was 37 years old. We tried to use PGS to pick out the best embryos for implantation, but all the embryos were mosaic embryos because of her age.

In normal, mosaic embryos would be abandoned without a second thought. However, with over 33 years experience in fertility treatment, Lee Women's Hospital already had over 200 successful cases and 100% of the mosaic embryos became the healthy babies till now.

The lady said that Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee has the Midas touch which magically made her dream come true. We hope her story may bring hope and courage to other couples who are still on the road.

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