Success Story


Hope their story may light up the hope of other IVF couples

Thank you, dear family and friends, for your wishes and congratulations on the the birth of our son. Reading your messages and comments filled our hearts with joy. We are grateful.

More so, we thank you for being with us in our journey through infertility. For including us in your prayers, lifting our spirits, offering kind words, hoping with us, looking out for us etc.; indeed, even strangers have held our hands and gifted us with prayer. We are so blessed. I'm sorry that I can't mention you individually or this post will be 3 pages!

Special thanks to Lee Women's Hospital - Dr. Lee Maw-Sheng and his most efficient staff, for making this possible for us. Our immediate families for their physical support and kind presence as we adjust to our new journey. Our manang Roena and mama Rosa, you are the best.

Iyaman en dakayo am-in! and may God bless you and keep you in His grace and mercy. 


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