Success Story


Mosaic embryo turning into boy and girl twins

Background of Ms. Y from Hong Kong:
  • 29 years old
  • AMH 1.7
  • Single tubal occlusion 

Ms. Y from Hong Kong is in her reproductive golden period but was unable to get pregnant. 
She was very worried that she might not be able to give birth due to primary ovarian insufficiency and problems with her oviduct.

Ms. Y has found out that 7 of her ova couldn’t be used at her first retrieval in LWH. 
On the second retrieval, President Lee changed his strategy to ultra-low oxygen culturing by lowering the oxygen level of the incubator from 5% to 2% to accelerate embryo development. But unfortunately, among embryos that have been cultured successfully, 60%-70% of them are mosaic embryos.

As President Lee always says, ‘There is always hope if you don’t give up.’
There were already over 200 cases of mosaic embryos born healthily in LWH. 
In the end, 3 mosaic embryos were implanted and 2 of them were successfully implanted. 
They are now healthy boy and girl twin babies! 
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