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Assignment Asia Episode 119: Miracle Babies Made in Taiwan

Taiwan has emerged as a top choice for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) in Asia because of its advanced technology and higher success rate. Its 40 percent success rate for women below 40 years old is said to be the highest in the world. Taiwan is considered a regional pioneer, and its costs are lower by half compared to rates in Hong Kong, Thailand or Singapore.

Barnaby Lo traveled to Taiwan to find out why many patients, especially those from Asia and Southeast Asia, are flocking to the island to seek IVF treatment. He spoke to doctors who had undertaken fertility treatment and checked out their recipe for success.

He also spoke to couples, including those who cannot conceive and those who had successfully conceived, and chronicled their journey of frustration and hopes, and ultimately the joy of being able to conceive what many of these once childless couple called "miracle babies."

The correspondent also provided a heartwarming account on why he could relate to the ups and downs of couples desperately wanting a baby.


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