Success Story


Japanese twins crossed 1354km to where their lives started

Ten years ago, a pair of Japanese twins was born in LWH.
Today, they have crossed 1,354km from Kyushu, Japan back to Taiwan with their mother and grandmother to visit the place where their lives started.
With their greatest gratitude, they told Dean Mao Sheng Lee:
‘Thank you for creating our lives. We are so happy to have this chance to come back to where our lives started.’

Taiwan has trustworthy reproductive technology. 
Before the outbreak of COVID-19, foreigners were often seen in the clinics of LWH. 
This is because Taiwan has the best reproductive technology in the world. 
Thanks to the unremitting efforts of Taiwan reproductive research teams of early days on infertility. 
Taiwan’s IVF technology has achieved ‘Asia No.1, World No.2’. 
Dean Mao Sheng Lee has been committing to reproductive medical research since 1980, leading the laboratory team and physicians to travel to Europe, the US and Japan to develop new technologies. 
All these efforts have made this precious and borderless fate today.

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