Success Story


She survived from Leukemia but lost her ovarian function

About 20 years ago, Ms. H got blood cancer.
Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant were her only way to survive.
On her journey of fighting cancer, Ms. H not only had to suffer from severe vomiting and lack of energy due to side effects, but also had to face the shock of successive deaths of nearby patients.
Even so, Ms. H still stays optimistic and she always tells herself, "Everything will be alright when you get through it."

High doses of chemotherapy have led to premature ovarian failure.
Ms. H’s doctor told her that she might not have the chance to conceive after chemotherapy.
But Ms. H was very young at that time, and she was unable to understand the feeling of infertility. 
The doctor has asked if Ms. H would like to freeze her eggs in order  to preserve her fertility before treatment, but it was an acute disease at the time and her family was concerned it could not wait any longer, so they started chemotherapy immediately.
Luckily, Ms. H recovered from blood cancer, but the damage to her ovarian function caused by chemotherapy was irreversible.

When her friends started to build their own families, she began to think about becoming a mother.
But it was impossible for her to conceive.
So when her friend told her about how IVF treatment could help her to fulfill her dream by using donor eggs, even though she knows that the chances are small, she still wanted to give it a try. 
Although the donor provided more than 20 eggs , only 3 of them were usable after PGT-A.
The implantation of the two top-scoring embryos was unsuccessful, and the last remaining embryo was a mosaic embryo.

At first, Ms. H was not going to implant the last mosaic embryo.
Part of it is that she had no confidence in herself.
The other part is that she was worried that she would not be able to bear the disappointment of failure.
But Dr. Pin-Yao Lin suggested that they could give the embryo another chance, maybe it can repair its defects and survive healthy.
In the end, Ms. H gave it a try, and listened to the Dr. Lin’s advice to take a blood test to check the immune system before implantation.
The immune examination indicated that she had certain immune problems that made it difficult for the embryo to implant, so she actively took immune medication before implantation.

In the end, a miracle happened.
Ms. H has become pregnant successfully.
The embryo that had been underestimated grew up smoothly, which made Ms. H feel deeply felt the resilience and strength of life. 


‘We are so grateful for Dr. Lin’s suggestion of giving the embryo a chance.
I always think that my son is a fighter.
And I am also grateful for the destined donor, who made my life complete.’

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