Success Story


The serendipity with Dean Lee makes her dream come true

‘I was delivered by Dean Lee, and after so many years I came back to Lee Women’s Hospital again to ask for Dean Lee’s help to grant me a child.’


Profile of the patient:

  • had 5 IVF treatments before in other institutions
  • once miscarried on the 5th week of pregnancy
  • AMH 0.9


Dean Lee has arranged several examinations, such as hormone, ultrasonology, HSG and HSC.
Dean Lee has also arranged examinations of immunology and ERA to clarify the causes of failure in other institutions.
Using AI embryo selection technology in fourth generation IVF to screen out the best embryo, and implant them at the best implantation window found by ERA, could greatly increase the pregnancy success rate. 

‘When my mother gave birth to me, I was delivered by Dean Lee.
Now that I have grown up and returned to the Dean Lee’s clinic again. 
Maybe this is our serendipity. 
All this is the best arrangement God could have given me,
meeting the Dean again in this way with a new life in me.
Lastly, I would like to encourage future parents who are still striving:
As long as you are still menstruating, there is hope.
The IVF journey is tough, and it is inevitable that you will feel wronged during the process.
But you must tell yourself that all the suffering is for the baby.
Not because of the in-laws and not because of the pressure of inheriting the lineage.
Eventually you will get over all the pain and when you hold the baby in your arms, everything will be worth it.'

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