Success Story


Success story of a transnational couple who came for IVF

A heartwarming success story features a couple from Germany and Taiwan

“The IVF process was carried out more than 20 times. My husband made multiple trips from Germany to Taiwan to store his sperm. We were on the verge of giving up when they coincidentally came to LWH at the age of 44. They were left with only two viable embryos, but with the attentive care of Dr. Pin-Yao Lin, we successfully conceived.”

Today we share a story about one of our clients who got married at the age of 38 and settled abroad with her German husband. Initially, they tried to conceive naturally, but failed. Considering her age, her mother suggested that returning to Taiwan for IVF treatment. Thus began their long journey of IVF.

Due to her husband’s work abroad, he flew to Taiwan every three months to store his sperm. They went through more than 20 cycles of IVF, and completed all the necessary tests. However, despite multiple attempts, successful embryo implantation was elusive, resulting in the depletion of embryos. In the end, they were left with only two mosaic embryos. They were almost ready to give up when, by chance, they attended a seminar organized by Lee Women’s Hospital. After this, they decided to try one last time with Dr. Pin-Yao Lin.

After Dr. Lin reviewed the medical records, Dr. Lin noted that despite previous treatments they had done PGT-A (Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidies), they had experienced repeated implantation failures. Dr. Lin recommended conducting an ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Array) test and an immunological infertility evaluation. Subsequently, it was discovered that there was a polyp in the cervix and chronic inflammation in the endometrium, which were contributing factors to the difficulty of embryo implantation.

After removing the polyp through surgery and administering antibodies along with vaginal probiotics, the uterine environment was improved. The remaining two mosaic embryos were transferred. Finally, they successfully conceived and gave birth – this is the baby peacefully sleeping in the mother’s arms in the photo.
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