Success Story


HK influencer comes to Taiwan for IVF

A well-known influencer from Hong Kong decided to undergo IVF treatment in Taiwan. Today, their little baby has already grown up.

Lizzy from Hong Kong and her husband, Jo from Korea, tried to conserve naturally for 3 years without success, in her early 30s.

After attending a fertility seminar of Lee Women’s Hospital in Hong Kong in 2018, they decided to visit Lee Women’s Hospital in the following year to undergo further examinations with Dr. Chun-I Lee.

Jo underwent two different types of analyses: a basic semen analysis and advanced HBA test (Hyaluronan binding assay). The result showed motility and morphology of the sperm are at average range, but the HBA result was lower than the normal range.

Lizzy’s AMH level was 2.39. Upon further examination, it was discovered that both sides of Lizzy’s fallopian tubes were unobstructed, but there were polyps of various sizes inside the uterine cavity, severely affecting implantation. Therefore, Lizzy underwent a hysteroscopic polypectomy to remove the polyps.

During the egg retrieval procedure, a total of 9 eggs were retrieved. Due to the poor sperm binding ability, Dr. Lee suggested using intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) to increase the rate of fertilization. As a result, 4 eggs were successfully fertilized, and 2 embryos developed into Day 5 blastocyst. The embryos grading were BDBC and BHBB.

In the next cycle after polyps removal, 2 blastocysts were transferred, and after 2 weeks, a positive pregnancy test was finally achieved.

Within a short span at Lee Women’s Hospital, the Hong Kong-Korean couple received the good news they had been hoping for. Their courage to take the first step was crucial. Now, their baby has grown up healthy and become a little boy.
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