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PCOS IVF: Twice successful IVF attempts

Meet Duoduo's Mom, who came all the way from Beijing, China. After over four years of marriage, she experienced a failed IVF attempt in China, during which she was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries (PCOS). However, the reason for the failure remained unclear.

She extensively researched online and eventually decided to pursue overseas IVF treatment. After careful consideration between Thailand and Taiwan, she ultimately chose Taiwan Lee Women's Hospital.

During her first IVF cycle, 44 eggs were successfully retrieved and 17 embryos were frozen. Using fourth-generation IVF technology and genetic testing, they were able to eliminate embryos with Down syndrome and chromosomal abnormalities. Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee, the hospital's director, shared that the advantage of polycystic ovaries is the ability to retrieve more eggs at once, but the quality might be lower, making natural conception more challenging.

Dr. Maw-Sheng Lee identified an issue with Duoduo's Mom's immune S protein, causing blood clots and uteroplacental blood thrombosis, resulting in implantation failure and miscarriages. After receiving appropriate medication, she successfully gave birth to a lovely baby girl in the first implantation.

After the pandemic, Duoduo's Mom returned to Lee Women's Hospital and happily shared her experience, expressing how comfortable and delighted she felt with the medical environment. Her second implantation also led to pregnancy, and with each visit, she returned home with a precious baby. She expressed deep gratitude to the hospital team and Dr. Lee for their support and expertise.

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