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Advanced Age IVF Case: Unexplained Infertility for 6 Years

Advanced Age IVF Case: Unexplained Infertility for 6 Years
Bei Bei sought help from Lee Women's Hospital at the age of 40. She had previously tried artificial insemination and IVF treatments at other hospitals and also hoped for a natural pregnancy. She underwent multiple treatments, and although she had experienced pregnancies, they ended in miscarriage. This aligns with the average duration of pregnancy, as reported by the Taiwan Society of Reproductive Medicine, which is 6.1 years, and Bei Bei's experience matches this statistical data.

When Bei Bei fisrt visited Dr. Tzu-Ning Yu, she expressed the difficulties she had encountered and hoped the doctor could find a solution. She said, "Before seeing Dr. Yu, I had already seen three other doctors, and we had multiple failed attempts. We underwent various examinations, including genetic and immunological tests, but the cause could not be found. Other doctors even suggested considering egg donation, but we haven't given up, and we are very grateful that Dr. Yu didn't give up on us either."

Dr. Tzu-Ning, Yu, discussed Bei Bei's past treatments and collaborated with the laboratory to improve the fertilization of her eggs and the embryo culture environment in a special way.

Finally, there was progress in embryo culture, and Bei Bei successfully cultivated normal embryos. During the first egg retrieval, 4 eggs were retrieved, of which 3 were mature and developed into 1 blastocyst with normal chromosomal results. We performed another egg retrieval and obtained 5 eggs, of which 4 were mature and developed into 2 blastocysts, with one blastocyst having normal chromosomes. With 2 good-quality embryos, we needed to find the appropriate time for embryo implantation.

Dr. Yu assisted Bei Bei in adjusting medication and accurately calculating the timing for the transfer of the high-quality embryos with normal chromosomes. Dr. Yu also mentioned, "Despite experiencing multiple failures, we only provided Bei Bei with basic medication support." This time, the test results indicated a successful pregnancy!

During a phone interview, Bei Bei mentioned, "I am very grateful to Dr. Tzu-Ning Yu. She conducted each examination with great care. We are extremely thankful that she did not give up on us in the face of difficulties but was willing to exert more effort for our case."

In return, Dr. Tzu-Ning Yu expressed her gratitude to Bei Bei, saying, "Thank you, Bei Bei, for ultimately choosing to trust Lee Women's Hospital. The past failures have allowed us to recognize the value of identifying problems and finding solutions, leading to our ultimate success. Most importantly, by persevering and not giving up, we worked together to find solutions."
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